NYIP project – Photo recreated from an ad campaign

Photo of the original advertisement:

I used three pictures to recreate this advertisement:

1. My photo of saxophonist Ben Golder-Novick from Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox concert in Toronto

2. My photo from the DDT concert in Toronto (I used selected area with smoke only)

3. Hennessy Cognac bottle (my still-life photo)
[135mm lens to reduce distortion, ISO 100, f/11, Speed: 1/100]

This photo (from phone) illustrates how I shoot the bottle:
(I used a photo snoot to highlight the label of the bottle)

This screen-shot illustrates how I merged three photos in Photoshop:

I used “Bodoni Seventy Two Book” font (see http://www.dafont.com/forum/read/44326/hennessy-font-help)

Recreated photo:
(This is a student experimental work. It is NOT a real advertisement. For education use only!)

Version 1

Version 2

Personally I like “Version 2” more. I also think that my recreated photos are better then original one 🙂