Noize MC

Ivan Alekseev (Noize MC) in Toronto. “Everything is like people” tour in North America
The Opera House, Toronto (26.11.2022)

Russian rapper, singer, and actor Ivan Alekseev, better known by his stage name Noize MC, performs in Canada and the United States as part of his “Everything is like people” tour in November-December 2022. By the summer of 2022, the artist is preparing a special program consisting of iconic songs for all 19 years of the group’s existence, as well as fresh tracks from the new, already sensational album “Exit to the City”, which managed to gain love and popularity among listeners. This performance has everything that we love so much in Noize MC: individual musical style, sarcastic rap on topical topics, sensual, romantic songs with a guitar, as well as Ivan Alekseev’s unique freestyler talent – whoever heard it at least once will never forget this performance ! Obviously, Noize MC is the main musician of our time today.

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