Two for the Seesaw (2020)

NSK Theatre presents a play by William Gibson
Fabruary 27, 2020 (Studio N, Toronto)

Director: Alina Starkov, Producer: Andrei Mazuruc,
Cast: Gittel Mosca – Alina Starkov, Jerry Ryan – Stanislav Kamladze.

The play is a love story of two hearts – random, lonely and so unlike. They are thrown from one extreme to the other, they hurt each other, yet continue to hold on to one another. They help each other to survive, to gain strength and faith in oneself. This encounter changes their whole life! Yet involuntarily the question arises: could these two be together, despite the sad experience of their past relationships? The story is funny and touching, at times cruel and unpredictable, just like life itself. Many plot changing pivots, sincere dialogues and catchy phrases, at the same time a real power of feelings and most importantly – it is full of love! (

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